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Persian Tea Time

Persian Tea Time

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Tea is a part of Iranian daily life, whether for a boost of energy to get the days started or to wind down at nighttime. Tea represents the Iranian passion for hospitality, which often takes the form of entertaining guests over glasses of hot chai and bite-sized sweets. We offer you our black tea with cardamom, a Persian favorite, made with organic and Fair Trade tea and cardamom, mixed with fragrant flower petals. If you prefer something more soothing, try our herbal tea mix, made from whole cardamom pods and flower petals. The teas are accompanied by our well loved nokhodchi chickpea flour cookies, along with nabat, the traditional rock sugar used to sweeten Iranian tea. It's believed that a chai nabat – tea with sugar – will soothe an upset stomach, or just make you feel better no matter what's ailing you!

The Persian Tea Time set includes a 4-oz bag of nabat Persian rock sugar, 2-dozen nokhodchi chickpea flour cookies, plus a bag of either:

Bright Morning Black Tea, 2.5 ozs: loose Fair Trade Earl Grey and organic Darjeeling tea mixed with whole cardamom pods, orange blossoms, rose and borage petals.


Dream Time Herbal Tea, 1.5 ozs: whole cardamom pods, dried orange blossoms, rose and borage petals. Our loose herbal tea takes inspiration from the traditional Iranian damnoosh, soothing herbal tea for nighttime or medicinal tea for health that often includes flowers.


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