Feast was founded upon rice, that essential Iranian ingredient that reflects the soul of its cooking.

Chef and cookbook author Louisa Shafia wanted to help people make perfect Persian rice; fluffy on top, crispy on the bottom. So she took an age-old Iranian cooking tool for capturing steam as rice cooks, and made it out of sturdy, sustainable hemp. The Rice Bonnet, as Louisa named her creation, was the first item sold by Feast. Since then, the store has continued to grow, with products that showcase both Persian food and culture. 

At Feast, our mission is to showcase the beautiful food of Iran. 

We feature the flavors, ingredients, and cooking techniques that make Persian food unique. Wherever possible we source from companies that support environmental, social, and economic justice as well as equity for women, immigrants, and refugees. Our partners include the non-profit Sew For HopeCafé Feminine CoffeeSuraj Spices and Teas, and a growing list of others.